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The Lost Treasure of Granny Snake-Eyes is a small, dense, interactive TTRPG adventure and race against rivals set in a deadly crypt.

Granny Snake-Eyes, your friend, adoptive granny, or gambling buddy, is up to her snake-eyes in debt and needs your help getting her treasure from her late husband's tomb. But a rival party, the Knock-Backs, are hot on your heels. Beat them to the tomb before they take the treasure for themselves. Beware of vengeful wraiths, venomous snakes, and gambling skeletons.

  • System-agnostic but with stats for old school games and 5e, with adjustments (just double the HP)
  • Suitable for adventurers of 3rd to 4th level
  • Race against a rival party with a ticking clock procedure
  • A colorful cast of characters
  • Just 8 pages, all landscape! So it feels like 16 pages
  • Contains 9 rooms on 3 pages with inset maps with the rooms highlighted for ease of use and reference
  • Isometric map! How fun!
  • Loops and multiple entrances, as jaquaysed as 9 rooms could be
  • Includes hooks for future adventures found throughout the dungeon
  • A random hat generator (it's relevant, I swear)
  • A chase sequence complication generator

Download includes

  • Isometric map of the dungeon as a PNG
  • High resolution printable PDF
  • Lightweight digital PDF
  • EPUB version
  • Accessible HTML version

This dungeon is based on an episode of Tabletopped, a podcast about TTRPGs (found anywhere podcasts are found), where we designed a first session from scratch (Spotify link).

Content warning: Some grisly description of a victim of a fireballing cursed chalice and also there's a victim of a snakebite. Otherwise, it's bones all the way down. Also gambling is part of the premise but Granny Snake-Eyes's gambling debt can be easily replaced with some other type of debt and the skeletons gambling can be playing any kind of game and just trading a hat around.


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